Below is a combination of 6 hour and 3 hour training workshops. Most are available in and outside of standard work hours. For bookings and further information click on the more info button or call us directly on 06-835 7193 to book your place today!


5 WAYS TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS – Increasing profits in your business is easier if you focus on five key areas at the same time.

  • How to get 61% increase in profits
  • How the 5 key areas of your business can drive more profit
  • Share over 250 strategies to easily create more profit
  • Learn the way to build a business that works without YOU

Do you find no matter how hard you work, the profit only rises slowly,  if at all?
The key to generating more profit in your business is to focus on the 5 keys to building a business. Most business owners only work on 1-2 of these essential areas.

How do you know if all of your marketing is functioning like it should?
Where are you wasting money in your marketing plan?

  • Write adverts that work!
  • What adverting sales people don’t tell you!
  • Build a marketing plan for your business
  • Marketing doesn’t mean spending money

Do you spend money to attract prospects then not sell to them?
Make more money by selling more with a better sales technique.

  • 5 step proven sales process
  • How to increase your conversion rate
  • Build confidence in front line selling team
  • How to sell to different types of people

Have your supervisors ever been properly trained?
Do they really know how to lead and get the best from your team?

  • How to get the whole team on the same bus
  • Work smarter, don’t suffer from overload
  • How to deliver measurable results
  • Managing poor performers within a team

Do you sometimes feel your team are going in different directions?
How much more could your business achieve with a fully engaged team?

  • 6 keys you must know to have a winning team
  • How to get the whole team to focus on improvements
  • How do you start to systemise your business

Do you have systems in place for recruiting, contracts, KPIs, job descriptions…the list goes on! The costs are huge in hiring the wrong people who perform poorly.

  • Successful recruiting
  • Managing performance and appraisal systems
  • How to get a robust employment contract for your business
  • How do you help non-performers to move up or out

Does your bank balance not reflect what you feel should be in there?
Where did the money go, when it looked like a good month’s trading?

  • Learn the key cash flow busters
  • Set up simple strategies to ensure cash flow is an easy focus in your business
  • Learn 5 ways that you can increase profits in your business

Most business owners do not like being the “debt collector”.
Is your business protected with a credit policy?

  • Learn how a credit policy can save you thousands of dollars and time
  • Learn strategies to decrease your debtors without using debt collectors
  • Systemise your debtors and creditors process

How many prospects never make it past one conversation with your company?
How would your company fare in a mystery phone survey?

  • Learn how to control conversations on the phone
  • Develop confidence for all front line phone operators
  • Develop a process to capture all phone inquiries

Your image is often the first touch a prospect receives.
Do you think your brand paints an accurate picture of your business?

  • Where and how to use your branding
  • How to maximise your branding
  • How to create a brand awareness without spending lots of money

So easy to be busy, and yet have no plan for where you’re heading…
These planning sessions will give you a practical focus for the next 90 days

  • Learn about an aspect of building a business, different each time
  • Guest speaker for new perspectives
  • Planning time to set your focus
  • Network with other focused and like-minded business owners

Retail layout is an art based on psychology. You can create more sales through retail understanding.

  • Study shop layouts and learn how to best plan your floor
  • Understanding what sells, and where to place each category
  • Understanding the psyche of customers behaviour.


Small businesses may qualify for vouchers to help pay for services such as training workshops, courses and coaching that build the management capabilities of their owners, operators and key managers.

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) Capability Development Vouchers are only available through Regional Business Partners around New Zealand. Regional Business Partners assess local businesses to determine what their needs are, and assist them with a plan to help them develop, grow and innovate. Vouchers may be allocated as part of the plan to help businesses pay for up to 50 per cent of the cost of services from registered providers that improve management capabilities in targeted areas.

Hawkes Bay’s Regional Business Partner is:
Hawkes Bay Chamber of Commerce
Telephone: 06 876 5938
For more information on the NZTE Capability Development Voucher scheme go to: