Retail Mastery

Retail layout is an art based on much physcology.
You can create more sales through retail understanding.

  • Shop layouts and how to plan your floor
  • Understanding what sells, and where to place each category
  • Understanding the psyche of the customer behaviour.

Understanding how your shop layout affects sales and understanding your customers habits while in your shop can be very important for your bottom line.

Here’s what you will learn from David Trim and Associates Retail Mastery;

  • 3 step promotional location guide to maximise promotional products
  • Understand what research has taught us about customer behaviour and how to use this to make your shop inviting
  • How to make the most of sales and increase your average dollar sale easily.
  • How to lay your shelves so that your sales team know what products are on focus
  • How to approach customers in your shop without annoying them or asking ”can I help you?”
  • Understanding the experience your customers require from you
  • How to identify your best customers and the ladder of loyalty


FEES – $149pp
Per person attending

GROUP RATE – $99pp
If three or more are attending from the same business

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All prices are plus gst and as per our terms and conditions of trade.